My Role as Your Buyer Agent

My specialty is representing your best interests throughout the home buying process. Comprehensive, high-quality service saves you time and money and enables you to make a decision based on the best information.

Your Trusted Advisor

  • Refer you to experienced, professional lenders to discuss financing

  • Help you define the criteria of your new home

  • Assist you in identifying locations that meet your needs

Your Property Specialist

  • Help you find homes that meet your budget and needs

  • Educate you on previewing properties online using aerial maps and photos

  • Review listings that meet your criteria and assist you in eliminating
    unsuitable properties

  • Tour properties with you and help you evaluate them

  • Assist you in refining your search criteria based on showing feedback

Your Experienced Negotiator

  • Research comparable sales to help determine best offer price

  • Prepare and review the sales contract

  • Represent your best interests in all negotiations

  • Facilitate the negotiation of any counter offers

Your Transaction Coordinator

  • Help schedule and evaluate all inspections

  • Work closely with your lender to ensure all documentation is collected and

  • Review and explain all documents

  • Keep you consistently informed